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Are we obligated to purchase a prescription medication I requested from the pharmacy?

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Dh has had a terrible bout of sinus infection(s) this year. He was feeling better on antibiotics and steroids, but relapsed as soon as the course was over. When he called the dr, the nurse called in a new set of medications to our pharmacy.


I went to pick them up Friday night and found that our insurance company wouldn't cover the nasal spray (name brand only version) -- $150! I said, "Let's not do that one," and brought home the new antibiotic.


Dh was MISERABLE Friday night. And, of course, the dr's office was closed for the weekend.


I convinced dh that we should get the medication after all and called the pharmacy, asking them to fill the prescription for nasal spray.


Just as I was going out to pick it up, we discovered samples of that very spray from a previous dr's visit! (Dh was hospitalized with respiratory problems last summer -- maybe it was from that round.)


Of course we'd like to save money, but I feel obligated since I specifically asked the pharmacist to fill it.


What happens if you don't purchase the medication? Does it go to waste? I'd be embarrassed to call back. OTOH, I wonder if we should get the medication anyway since dh frequently has these problems and the samples will run out. Of course, after the dr's office opens, we could ask for a prescription for a generic spray that would be covered by our insurance company . . .


We have a close relationship with our pharmacist. 7 people in the family, and 2 with special needs. You know? It's personal. :tongue_smilie:

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No, you are not obligated to purchase it.


I have been informed by pharmacists before that unclaimed prescriptions are reshelved after 2 weeks.


If you need a medication that must be mixed with water to actviate it or something similar, the pharmacist will actually wait until you arrive to pick up the prescription before mixing it. That is because, in the case of say, liquid amoxicilan, the medication is only good for a specific time once it's 'activated' by being mixed.


I'm assuming your nasal spray comes from the manufacturer already prepared; if not, it is quite likely the pharmacist would not finish 'preparing' the spray until you actually arrived to pick up the script.


ETA: I reread your post. If I were you, I'd just call the pharmacy, let them know you found samples and don't need the script filled right now. I'm sure it's no big deal.

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No, I don't think you are obligated. You could call and ask the pharmacy. I'm pretty sure they can sell the medicine to someone else if you haven't purchased it yet. The pharmacist could also let you know if there is a similar drug for cheaper.


I recently went to pick up a refill on bottle of eyedrops. Insurance stopped covering it, and it was $100+! The pharmacist had stuck the sticky label lightly on the corner of the box to see if I even wanted it at that price. I didn't. :tongue_smilie: He helped me choose a very cheap OTC eye drop that worked even better than the prescription had.


We have a close relationship with our pharmacy too, so I understand you not wanting to put them out.


I hope your dh feels better. When we had rounds of sinus infections, we got some relief from leaning over a pot of steaming water with Vicks melted in it.

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I would call and ask if the prescription had to be mixed or if it was pre-bottled. It they had to mix it, you should buy it. If not, explain it to the pharmacist and see if they can re-shelve the unused script. I also have a good relationship with my pharmacist and I wouldn't jeopardize that. My pharmacist, because he knew the age and size of my dd, recommended I not fill a script once and called my doctor to discuss a different, safer med for her! She wasn't even with me, but he knew us well enough to know which child it was for and that it could have bad results her. I wouldn't skip out on buying a med from him that he had to mix and then throw away because I could save a $.

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