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ETC Primer instructions?


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There is a teacher's manual for them. It's great! It has actual lessons in it. And you only need one for all three books. The pages that have just pictures on it will have instructions like this:


Now, which one of these pictures is an animal that swims in the ocean? Point to it. What is it? (fish) What sound does the word fish begin with? /f/ Now, put a box around the fish. Etc. http://www.christianbook.com/explode-code-teachers-guide-books-and/9780838808528/pd/379852?item_code=WW&netp_id=431363&event=ESRCG&view=detailsI


just edited this link, b/c it wasn't working for me. I was using swagbucks as my browser. I don't know if anyone else had problems, but I went ahead and swapped the link with what I got with a different browser.

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It's only $7, but you're right. The other pages can be done w/o the manual. The pages with the pictures will varie the instructions, though. So basically you describe what you want them to identify, have them identify it, ask them what the beginning sound is to enforce it, then tell them to do something to it. The directions usually say something like to draw a box around, circle, color a certain color, draw a basket around, etc etc.


I still like that the manual tells you how to teach the sound. It will refer to flashcards, which I don't use. You can easily make your own flashcards.

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