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"First Language Lessons" ending, now what?


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Hi all,


We've been doing "First Language Lessons" with my son for the full 4 years, at the end of this school year he'll be finishing it up. I had my hopes on the Advanced Language Lessons curriculum that's now on hold so this leaves me stuck. My son and wife are used to that method and flow to the lessons, and I'm concerned that a sudden shift will not be good. I understand that "Rod and Staff" and Shurley are listed as being good. I've looked at Shurley 5 and Rod and Staff 5 through their samples online. Shurley seems too different, and in fact coming into it in the "middle" I think we'll be lost. As for Rod and Staff, it looked OK, but almost seemed to be duplicating work he's already done.


So the question is which is the MOST like FLL, and what grade level is best to jump into after finishing FLL?



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I have the same question. I just called Peace Hill Press and they told me where to pick up in the suggested curricula, it is as follows:


Rod & Staff - Following the Plan


ABeka - God's Gift of Language B


Shurley English Level 4


I am concerned about changing...I love Jesse Wise's approach to learning grammar, and more importantly, so does my son! We have been using Fix-It! as well and my son loves finding the mistakes. IEW says this is a stand alone grammar curriculum when used with their writing program...which we do use. But I'm not sure if I agree. I feel really lost!

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