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peri-menopause and herbal supplements

Do you agree or disagree with the nutrionist?  

  1. 1. Do you agree or disagree with the nutrionist?

    • I agree with nutrionist. Herbs prolong periods.
    • I disagree with nutritionist. Herb do not prolong periods.
    • other

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I've been suffering through peri-menopause for 3 years now. At a local natural product store, they make an herbal supplement called "Change of Life". They say it is their top seller. Ingredients: Dong Quai, Sarsaprilla, Damiana, False Unicorn, Licorice Root, Echinacea, Cramp Bark, Kelp, Ginger Root, Black Haw, Chaste Berry.


Six months ago, I changed my diet, going mostly plant-based. Unfortunately, I am now slightly anemic. (Same thing happened 3 years ago when I tried to cut meat out of my diet though I wasn't eating as healthy as I am today)


It is my understanding that anemia won't be so much of a problem once I stop menstruating. I am still having VERY regular periods.


I went to visit a nutritionist. One of the things she told me was that her experience was that herbs were a stimulant and once she quit the herbs, her periods stopped.


I'm a bit nervous about quitting the herbs. The first year and two of peri-menopause were terrible. Acupuncture helped. These herbs help, I think. I've tried other things that didn't help. I'm not interested in prescription medication. I feel, if not 100% normal, at least sane and stable. But, if the herbal supplement is prolonging the inevitable, I'd just as soon not prolong it.


I know no one IRL with any experience. Anybody here happen to have any experience? Or just want to throw your 2c in?


I'll make a poll for the heck of it.


ETA: I've tried progesterone cream. It's one of the things that didn't help. I'm 51yo, fwiw.

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It's hard to say how the herbs are impacting your situation. I would use progesterone cream and supplement with herbs. Not sure about that combo though or the strenth of it. I can think of effective herbs but you seem to want to give in to menopause. Solutions vary depending on your symptoms. I wouldn't trust a nutritionist completely with gyno issues. I would research every option before listening to one experience.

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I remember my mother taking primrose oil, ..wow.. along time ago when she was going through that time in her life. I don't remember it stopping her period, but it did help her feel better and she actually had her period for a long time afterwards. It helped even out her hormones, and she did not have any bad side affects.

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