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Need TTC recommendation for world history

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For 9th grade, ds will do first half of Spielvogel Human Odyssey. I'm looking to purchase either TTC Foundations of Western Civilization or the high school World History course. It seems the first is in more depth, but the second is appealing because of the costumed presentations.


History is not this child's favorite subject, so I'm leaning toward the high school World History course, but I wouldn't want him to miss out on an in-depth course that might be great.


Any opinions between these two courses?



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but it's been a LONG time since we used the high school course (Linwood). I have it in VHS! Linwood's course is for middle school, a high school student that hasn't had much world history and/or for a quick world history survey. This might be a good course for your student.


MY favorite TTC course is Foundations in West. Civ. 2! (And I own MANY.) It's a mature course for someone that has a basic understanding of history already. I've never used it with my dc because they "went" to high school.


See if your library system has the courses for you to compare them before you buy.

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Foundations I & II are some of TTC best courses in my opinion. Time spent with these professors is time well spent.


None of my kids enjoyed Linwood. They thought his costumes were silly.





My older dc didn't appreciate the antics of LT either (which they watched in grades 6/7). But they would not have appreciated long-winded lectures from the Foundations lectures. Since the OP said history is not a favorite subject, the LT videos would probably be fine (especially if they were free from the library). :)

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