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Medic alert question

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I got my daughter one from here a few years ago. The ID portion was metal, while the band was fabric. It is still in good shape, although we didn't use it daily, just for trips around lots of people. She didn't talk until she was 2 1/2, but she walked/ran at 9 months. Fun.


Oh, and it was so easily adjustable, so as she grew the bracelet still fit fine.



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I thought the interchangeable ones were only for the allergy bands? We don't need allergy stuff, my DD has epilepsy.


It looks like the bracelet part clips to the engraved plate so I'm guessing that's what's interchangeable. It's really nice that there are more options. I knew a boy with epilepsy and he hated wearing any sort of tag. He might have been less resistant if they sold cool ones back then.


Perhaps not useful for you, but maybe other people reading this thread...


My sil has two special needs kids with PDD-NOS. She bought them both RoadIDs that have there information on them.


They are very durable, we have the shoe ID version for everyone in our house.




Thanks for posting this.

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