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Received input from Honors College on AP/DE

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Today at my dd's National Homeschool Honor Society meeting, the guest speaker was a recruiter from Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University.


After giving her pitch for the program, which was very enticing, I asked if they rate AP classes over CC dual enrollment classes. She stated that they look at them in equal light. I am in the throes of planning high school, so this was important info to me. My problem with AP classes is that for college credit, it all hinges on one test. CC classes, on the other hand, take into account the entire semester's worth of tests, quizzes, essays, homework, etc. Both trim classes off the university schedule, which the recruiter suggested we use for double majoring or having a minor is a subject that interests my dd.


Although I still plan on having my dd take a few AP classes (in particular, Latin through Lukeion, since she plans on majoring in Classcis), I did feel better about my CC options in my state.


Hope this is encouraging to some of you as it was to me!

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In our experience state colleges have accepted both CC and DE classes. They even accept Cs or 3s - something far more uncommon with private higher level schools. If one is certain they want to head to a state college, cc alone is a fine option (except, perhaps, if med school is going to possibly be in their future and then it's the med school that poses the problem, not the state undergrad).

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For me, the issue is less about whether the courses are accepted and more about how well they will prepare the student for subsequent courses. W/the exception of 1 art history class, every class my kids have taken at a CC (3 different ones in 2 different states), has been substandard quality.


We do use them, but I am very picky about what courses I will let them take. For example, I wouldn't let a budding engineer or mathematician take math/science at the CC, but history or comp I would.


I have utilized local universities for dual enrollment for courses that I do not want taken at the CC. It is the approach I am hoping to take that approach w/our 10th grader next yr for multivariable cal and cal-based physics. I have already spoken to the assistant dean of admissions b/c this university does not have a dual-enrollment program, but I was told that they would definitely consider letting him take the courses. (we are facing a possible move, so I haven't pursued it further at this pt.)


The whole CC/transfer to a 4 yr uni has lots of its own oddities as well. Some universities may not only give credit for those courses, but count the grade for those courses toward GPA (that shocked me!) Some schools have reciprocity agreements already in place. Some states have reciprocity agreements between their CCs and their 4 yr unis.


Where it really becomes an issue is with select schools. THey may not allow credit toward graduation for any APs or any DE. However, they may encourage students to not retake those courses, but to test at their institution and start those credit hrs at the level they test into and then students are required to take x # of hrs in that area equivalent to the same # of hrs generally required for their degree. (For example, U of Chicago told ds that if he arrives having completed diffEQ and linear alg and his degree required xy hrs of math, he would simply start math at whatever math comes next (I have no idea. :tongue_smilie:) and then take subsequent math courses until he completed xy hrs of math credit. However, all his lower math credits earned elsewhere would not count toward his degree requirements there. Make sense?)


Anyway, for non-select schools, I think becomes more of a course by course issue than a blanket refusal like some of the more competitive schools.


If you have an idea of where your student wants to go, simply follow that and don't worry about generalities from other institutions b/c they simply only apply institution by institution.

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If you have an idea of where your student wants to go, simply follow that and don't worry about generalities from other institutions b/c they simply only apply institution by institution.


Good information, thank you! As of now, we are planning on my dd attending one of two state universities; both have agreements with the CCs on dual enrollment classes.


For classes that apply toward her major, I'm having her take AP classes (for example, Latin, since she is majoring in Classics). I want her to take lab sciences at CC, and also higher math. She's good in English and loves it, so we'll probably go AP on that one, too.

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I was reading about Arizona State's Honors College last week.




These folks gave ASU a thumbs-up.


I would highly recommend the book.



Thanks, Janice, it looks good and I just bought it for my Kindle. Looking forward to reading it!

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