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Wonderful place to buy stuff, as is amazon. If you open an account w/ iherb you can use KIM821. You will get $5 off your first order.


I love iherb!! They have free 2 day shipping on orders of $40 or more...great prices, EXCELLENT customer service!!


They almost always ship out the same day....they are awesome.


I order a lot of stuff on Amazon also as I have Amazon Prime and a lot of vitamins I can get w/ free 2 day shipping. It is great...I just check the prices on iherb vs Amazon :)


I love xylitol!! Also NuNaturals Stevia is good! I can't use too much xylitol though or it upsets my stomach but I LOVE it!



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I use erythritol more than I use xylitol these days, but I order from globalsweet which carries both. I like their products because they are non- GMO and sourced from the US. THey are a little more expensive as a result, but I prefer the non GMO stuff.


I'm not sure if that's the company you were thinking of or not.

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OK in a recent thread that I, for the life of me, can't find someone posted a link to a place they get it from.


Can someone link to me where they get it? Somewhere they have ordered and received the product :)


Netrition.com is where I bought mine.

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