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I don't understand Caesar's English...


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I've been browsing this curric and seriously considering it from what I've read on this forum but I haven't been able to find a good example of what a lesson looks like. The sample on the MCT site doesn't show enough for me to make an informed decision. Is it just reading the word list with the sentences and that's it??

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I think I read that there's a new edition of CE coming out that'll have some additional stuff. We're using the current edition (Jan 2011)...


There are 20 lessons.

Odd lessons have five Latin stems, discussion of the stems, an analogy, a couple of advanced words that use the stems, brief history blurb, a note on a writer, a roman fact, comparison between English and Spanish examples using the stems, a Latin sentence, a word search


Even lessons have five words. Each word is defined and then there are a number of examples of where the word has been used in classic literature (this generally takes 3-4 pages for the 5 words... it's not just a sentence). There's a note on a writer, a Latin sentence, quotes from authors using the 5 words that you're supposed to discuss "What's the writer saying?", a comparison of the words to Spanish, synonyms for the words, sentences to rewrite, antonyms, analogy.


There's a quiz that's cumulative at the end of each chapter.


We use the Teacher Manual. I retyped the quizzes and I give them as we finish a lesson.


It's definitely more than just word lists :)

The stem lessons seem to move faster than the word lessons (mainly due to the rewriting assignments that I have my son write out).


You only have the first page of Lesson One in their online sample. Most lessons range from 5-10 pages (evens are longer).

The initial lessons are fairly short, but I think the program is very good. Text itself runs about 200 pages.

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