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what to do with teacher activity books?


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I am hoping some of you may have some suggestions. We started homeschooling this year--my children are 7 and 8 and we are following the WTM for our curriculum. So far, all is going well.


My mother, who was a fourth grade teacher, has retired. She has given me all her teacher resources, most of which are teacher's guides and activity/worksheet books covering, language arts, science, history, math, etc. I am overwhelmed by the piles of books and they are currently sitting in my living room and on our bookshelves. I obviously don't want to keep all of them. My first instinct is that I will never use any of them except for a few of the science ones (which go over experiments, etc.) and a couple of the math ones that relate to some math manipulatives and cuisenaire rods (yay for Mom--she did give me a set of those!)


Some examples are "Poetry Patterns" which details how to "motivate students to write original verse" and "Polar Regions Activity Book" which "explores the arctic and Antarctic regions through art and crafts". Will I ever use any of these???? How should I evaluate what would be useful and what would not be useful? How much of this which is intended for classroom use be relevant in a homeschool environment? I mean, I was able to eliminate quite a few books that emphasized promoting discussion in the classroom--who needs that around here? I do not need "busywork" or worksheets designed to evaluate reading comprehension. Does that eliminate essentially all the books?


I am hoping that someone will come up with a couple of good guidelines that will mark a book as a keeper or designate it to the donate pile.


Thank you in advance!

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