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Spanish in addition to First Form what to use?

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Ok, I admit, today is the first I have really begun researching for 5th grade in depth. I have had history figured out for a long time. I know that we will move up in R&S for spelling, math, English. I know that we will just move forward in Latin.


I have had these vague questions (science, logic, art, and music appreciation..) in the back of my head, but thought it would be as easy as opening up WTM and picking the first rec and ordering it. Not so. Most of the suggestions are pretty vague. I don't know, but grammar stage seemed easier to me. Maybe that is just because I have been doing it for 4 yrs now. Anyway, you will be seeing me post frequently. Don't say I didn't warn you.


But the question at hand... have you done a mordern language in addition to moving forward with latin starting in 5th grade? I admit I did not realize this was in the schedule for 5th grade.


I want to keep it simple for her and me. I will go with Spanish. But what do you/have you used to stay on the WTM languages schedule? At this point I am wanting to do schedule 1 or 2: both languages at once. I think I will stick to latin at full force, each year, completing one text a year. I would be willing to slow the Spanish down to doing one year course over 2 years. But I have no idea what is available or good or what wil work best alongside another language.



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My oldest is in sixth grade now. What I am doing is pushing forward with Latin (First and Second Form Latin) and being strong on that in middle school as they cement grammar and vocabulary. My two middle schoolers dabble in Spanish with Rosetta Stone to get a feel for it and then they will do a full four years of Spanish in high school. Their Latin will aid in their learning Spanish. Honestly I can't handle two languages in middle school.

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Rosetta Stone is the one I know of that is good. But honestly I don't want to shell out that kind of $ for middle school, maybe high school. I am ok with Spanish. I am not fluent, but can read and pronounce. It will come back to me. So I am ok with 2 languages as long as it is Spanish. How slow we go will depend on if mine gets frustrated.


I am starting to get a little disappointed as I read through older Spanish threads. There doesn't seem to be anything that stands out as a great middle to high school program like Memoria Press is for Latin


So besides RS what else is out there? I just found GSWS from another thread. The price is right. There isn't much for instruction, but I think I could formulate some short daily lessons with it. So that is a possibility. I would really like to see it in person first to see how the grammar is taught. I can't get a great feel from the few lessons online.


Anybody else have some suggestions??

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There's also a series by McGraw Hill called Practice Makes Perfect. I haven't actually seen it myself, but I've heard good things about it.


One recommended sequence is:


1. Spanish Verb Tenses, parts 1 and 2

2. Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions

3. Spanish Verb Tenses, part 3

4. Complete Spanish Grammar




Spanish Vocabulary and Spanish Verb Drills.


I also liked the look of Spanish for Children, although I didn't go with it only because we're in the UK so I found a European Spanish course (Colloquial Spanish, published by Routledge).



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I'm using GSWS for a 4th and 6th grader this year. We're going to use SfC next year. We all the like the simplicity of it this year, it allows us to do quite a bit of conversational stuff on the side. I took Spanish in college so it comes back pretty easily. Dh is fluent and also gives us ideas of what to learn outside of the curriculum, though he has no desire to teach it himself. :glare:

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