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Handwriting spacing help for ds14

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I'm guilty of this, too. It's why this whole internet/keyboard thing has been a beautiful thing (for me)!


I think quickly; I write the same way, willing my hand to keep up with my thoughts. When I 'pause' in my head, it's noticeable in my writing. When I'm on a roll, it also shows.


Basically I have to write everything twice. I write once to get my info/notes/thoughts onto paper, then I re-write it neatly paying careful attention to spacing. It's a PITB, but it's something I've 'had' to do since I was a kid.


Other than that, I have no other suggestions :( but maybe this bump back to the front page will find someone who does.

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Actually, having him rewrite handwritten things is a good idea. Most papers etc. for school are typed anyway. If it's a grocery list for himself then of course it doesn't matter, but if it is going to be on a form to hand in or some other handwritten item, then I think I'll have him do a rough draft to get the information down and then rewrite it with the spaces. Thank you.:001_smile:

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This might seem silly, but it worked when I was in 1st grade. My teacher gave us each a wooden popscicle stick to use to test the spacing on our words. That would probably be too wide for 14-year-old writing, but you could find something thinner and require that he use it every time he writes. After a short time of using this I bet he would get in the habit of spacing correctly.


ETA: I one had a 7th grade student who capitalized and punctuated her sentences erratically and always used the excuse that she just forgot. Having to recopy one essay test broke her of that.

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