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No Sympathy for Mean Mommies

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Love it.


I actually had a very similar experience as Awesome Babysitter at gymnastics a few weeks ago. A mom accused my son of "pummeling" her daughter and punching her in the head. I saw what happened and ds actually just swatted at the long tie to her hat (which he did apologize and get punishment for because he needs to respect personal space). Of course, the mom, who didn't see anything, didn't believe ME because "my kids don't lie". She went to the owner of the gym, called the COPS! on my 6 year old son. It was an extremely unpleasant experience and I understand the comment about years later it still leaving a bad feeling because I'm sure I'll remember this for a while.

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about a negligent parent that doesn't pay attention.


Here the beginning of another article from the MM's point of view:


I'm upset emotionally about a situation that occured at Little Sweetie's gymnastics class. For several weeks she's been hit, punched, pinched and generally harrassed by a little boy in the class. I've spoken with the instructor with no results. Finally, the other day I couldn't take another moment of Little Sweetie being bullied by this brute. I blew-up at the boy's sitter who has ignored his bad behavior for weeks. She spends the entire class session texting on her phone. Yada, yada, yada....


Sometimes there are good guys and bad guys, but before people get worked up over "Mean Mommie" they should spare a moment for "my little angel couldn't have done that you're irrational Mommie".


I'm just saying. :D

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