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The waiting is killing me

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We are waiting to hear from dd's first choice of university.


So far everyone else she knows who has applied to this particular university has heard, accept or decline, but nothing for us. We have been told the wait for homeschoolers can be up to two weeks longer than PS applicants.


When I am stressed I bake. In the five days since the university started posting acceptances I have made; 6 loaves of blueberry orange bread, 5 loaves banana bread, 6 loaves of strawberry walnut bread, 2 large loaves of cinnamon raisin bread, a giant pan of rosemary potato rolls, 4 loaves of regular zucchini bread, 4 loaves of chocolate zucchini bread, and 8 dozen chocolate chip cookies. This is on top of my 3 daily meals. My freezer is full. My neighbors are starting to hide like it is the height of zucchini season. I have even dropped off baked goods at the homes of people with whom I barely have a passing acquaintance.


I need a 12 step program. My daughter is a wreck and I think we have all gained the freshman 15.


Amber in SJ

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