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Best books to teach ME how to teach my kids high school writing

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This is a bit of a s/o of Lewelma's post on the Logic Board about writing curricula. I would like recommendations of books that will help me understand better the classical approach to writing in the high school years. I am interested in books that explicate a neoclassical writing approach as well as a more traditional classical approach.


Thank you very much.

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I hadn't seen that thread and haven't read it yet, but I plan to. I'm glad you mentioned it here. The books I would add to the ones reviewed in the first post on the Logic board thread are:


Writing to the Point by Kerrigan I keep coming back to what I read in this book when I am working with my kids. This is the book that helped me understand transitions and showed me how to specifically and concretely support your proofs with examples. The latter being a really hard task for my kids. LToW is great at teaching invention, but I still go back to what I learned from this book to realize that we need more invention.


Imitation: Writing Workshop by Roper books by Francis Donnelly Model English and Imitation and Analysis (which may be the same book) are free on google books.


Rhetoric in the Classical Tradition by Horner is another on the topic of rhetoric. I haven't read through it. I would really love to do what Ruth in NZ did. Maybe this summer.


I also like Rhetorical Grammar by Kolln but I can't tell you how it fits into the big picture.

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