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Can you check my plans for 7th grade?

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Here is what I have planned so far for 7th grade. What am I missing?


Bible - Lifepac and family study and discussion

Math - Systematic Mathematics module 7

Grammar/LA - Abeka

Writing - (WWS) not quite sure, this didn't work this year

History - Landmark Baptist World History

Science - BJU Life Science

Spanish - FLVS

Home Ec. - LIfepac


I know I need Latin and Logic but I have no idea where to start her in these. I have Latina Christina and was thinking about using this since neither one of us has any Latin knowledge. I also have sets A, B, and C from Vocab from Classical roots where can I fit that in? Any suggestions for a logic program for a 7th grader just beginning logic?

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If you are looking for logic, how about Building Thinking Skills if your child has never done logic. Try doing Book 2 or 3.


I think that you have a solid schedule. I stopped Latin by 6th grade because I felt that they learned a lot and I wanted them to learn Spanish. I have no suggestions for Latin because I did Memoria Press all the way. I did not mind my children learning prayers in Latin, etc. I wanted that for them.


Overall, you seem to have a great plan.


Blessing in your homeschooling journey!





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We tried Spanish with FLVS this year, and disliked it immensly. There wasn't enough practice to solidify it for my son at all, and he did horribly in it. We switched to Spanish for Children and he has done very well. The online format, with no textbook and no writing just didn't work for him at all.

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