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I had new portraits done today

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Since you've been around for a very long time here, how could anyone think that you are a troll? Have you been a sleeper troll?:confused:


There are PMs that you are a troll? HUH?


Sorry about that.


Picture is nice, but I really think you need a good box of K'leenX.....just sayin' :tongue_smilie:


You are a troll?!?!?!?!?! Oh good grief.


Nice pic. :D


I called someone out on their troll behaviour and was informed that she has many pm's indicating I am a troll not her. I decided to show my true self since I have been found out :D


Of course the fact I just said goodbye to a cop on my doorstep has left me in the kind of mood to be a troll under a bridge smashing bones of all those that try to cross. Machine gun kitty fits the bill for that too, so maybe I am actually a machine gun toting troll. Hmmm, have to ponder on that one for a moment

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I think she actually said IMs, which I don't think you can do on this forum, unless I am missing something.


I had to do a search, but I should have just known who it was. :glare:




She outed herself with that one. Many pm's--uh huh. :lol:
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So why was the cop on your doorstep? Too much sacking of villages and illegal mining? :D


Hahaha, now that would have been an interesting conversation.


Actually do you remember me posting last year about having to go to court about the boy that kept bullying my kids, specifically my son? I had him arrested twice for using weapons against them, he plead guilty and was put on probation. 1 condition of it was to stay away from my kids. Well I thought it was all of them but it turned out just my oldest. Anyway yesterday I sent dd12 to grab the mail from the post office 1 street up, and that boy and his friends ambushed her as she came out and started hitting her with rocks. as dd got on her bike and got away one of the girls yelled "next time we'll bash your head in" This was unprovoked, she rode past them as she went into the post office and they waited at the bottom of the steps for her. So I had all 4 arrested last night, the boy that has been hauled into court before will face the toughest penalty once this goes to court again, the girl that made the threat was the only one that succeeded in making contact with the rock she threw so the cop said she is facing more serious charges than the last 2. I hate bullies, I hate this town. We moved to this small town to get away from the dangers of the murder capital of canada and yet my kids were safer in the murder capital than in this tiny rural town. The good part is no one expects me to ever put them into the local school, dd's class would house 3 of her previous attackers in a class of only 9. This group would be in the high school wing with ds, again with class sizes of 9-10 he would have no escape from his bullies.

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