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Vegetarian Recipes

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Carol's Vegan Meatloaf







  1. Drain tofu and mash.
  2. Add Carol's Love
  3. Combine all ingredients and mix well.
  4. Place in a loaf pan coated with oil.
  5. Bake at 350F for one hour.
  6. Cool in pan for 15 minutes.
  7. Garnish with ketchup, BBQ sauce, and/or chopped parsley.
  8. When cold, can be sliced for sandwiches.







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We use black beans like many people use ground beef. I make black bean burritos and tacos, black bean soup, etc. For burritos and tacos, I just sautee onions, add cooked black beans and a dollop of mild salsa and serve. The soup is a very traditional recipe, which I think I found on allrecipes.com or some similar place.


We all like Indian food. I make both channa masala and lentil curry fairly regularly. The lentil recipe is straight from Linda McCartney's cookbook. Here's how I do the chickpeas:


Chana Masala


3 cups cooked chickpeas

2 carrots, grated (optional)

1 cup chopped potato (optional – Precook these if you’re doing the quick prep.)

1 large onion

5 large garlic cloves

1 TBS oil or margarine

1 TBS sugar

1 can petite diced tomatoes

3 TBS curry powder

2 tsp cumin

1 tsp paprika

1 ½ tsp salt

½ tsp tumeric

½ tsp ground ginger

¼ tsp ground cayenne

¼ tsp ground cinnamon


Puree onion and garlic with ½ cup water in a blender. Pour into pan with oil or margarine. (If you’re planning to cook on the stove top, you can use a large pot and just add in everything else as you go.) Stir in sugar and cook over medium heat until the mixture reduces by about half and darkens to a light yellow.


Add tomatoes and spices, and continue to cook for two or three minutes.


If you’re using a crock pot, transfer the whole mixture to the pot now. Add the chickpeas, veggies and enough water to cover. Cook time is very flexible, since the chickpeas are already done. I usually set it for 6 or 8 hours, but it's finished as soon as your veggies are as soft as you like them.


If you’re using the stove top, add the chickpeas, veggies and about 1 ½ to 2 cups of water. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes.

We also eat lots of things like falafel and hummus, both of which I can make from scratch but usually fall into the "let's have something quick I can buy" category.

And, of course, there's stuff like pasta and pizza. Lately, in an effort to get more protein into my son, we've been added cooked and pureed red lentils to my homemade pasta sauce. He says the flavor is not affected much, if at all, and it's really easy. We use the sauce over noodles but also on homemade pizza dough. I like to top our pizzas with a combo of fresh sliced tomatoes, sliced bell peppers and sauteed onions.

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