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FYI: Essay Contest for K-12

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I have found a ton of great info and opportunities here thanks to all the wonderful members. I wanted to return the favor. :D


Just wanted to let the hive know about an essay contest. I think the grand prize is $1,000, and for kids K-12. The only qualification I remember reading about is that the child entering has to have read the first book in the series of The Adventures of Dod (which you can get the pdf version for free). And I figured some of the your kids may be reading it already so I wanted to pass it on. The full details about the contest can be found on this website. Or here is a direct link to the rules. I couldn't think of a better group of writers than homeschoolers;), so I figured I would let the hive know about it.


About the book. The author recommends upper elementary and beyond. I think any Jr. High or High School student would probably enjoy it as well. I have read the book myself and I really enjoyed it. The genre is very similar to Harry Potter. The 2nd and 3rd chapter were the hardest to get through (just because of character intros) after that it was definitely a page turner for me (and I don't usually like reading:tongue_smilie:). Just a warning as well for anyone letting a younger child read it the most intense chapters are the very first and very last chapters. I don't think they are more intense then a Harry Potter book (Although I have never read Harry Potter, only seen the movies), but you can preview if you like. Anyways for anyone interested I just wanted to pass on the word. :D

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