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Where do homeschoolers take AP classes for high school?

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FYI, the AP exams are taken at a high school. The tricky part can be finding a school that will let your child take the exam. Our local high school has been great about exams that they offer their students. However, if they don't offer the exam, it can be dicey as to whether or not the will do it. We may be paying them to hire a proctor in addition to paying the exam fee. We are having a dickens of a time finding a high school out of our district (public and private) who will allow my boys to take AP exams there. I may have to just show up begging for them to allow it. I have 2 weeks to get this ironed out.

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Some people just self study and design their own course using available syllabus on the net and then take the exam. You can also go through organizations like PA Homeschoolers.


Another FYI... You cannot call a course AP on the transcript without having the course audited and approved by the College Board. You can, however, take the test without having taken an approved AP course.

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