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Music and art appreciation with SOTW


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We're almost through SOTW year 1 and I'd like to start selecting our music and art appreciation pieces (which, until now, have been pretty random) to correspond to our history lesson.


I know that this will be nearly impossible until at least the first millennium ad or later. Does anyone know of a website with historical art and music suggestions by year?


BTW, I have SOTW 2 on order but haven't yet received it. It just occurred to me that the info I'm looking for might actually be in the book. Either way, I'd love to hear about any resources you might know of.



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We've tried this, but it hasn't come together until this year (SOTW3), really.


For Composers, we used Bellerophon's coloring books (suggested in WTM); the first one is called (I believe) A Coloring Book of Early Composers. They're Western composers, but it follows the timeline of Music History I had in college pretty well. Note: these coloring books aren't so much pictures to color as informational snippets (or essays) with illustrations of drawings copied from original works of art.


This year, for Art Appreciation, I searched online for a timeline/list of artists during the same period that SOTW3 covers. I found something similar to this and worked my way down the list trying to find 18 artists who would embody a good variety of styles/countries, etc. I then planned them into my year on opposite weeks from the composers I chose from from the Great Composers books.


Clear as mud? :) Hope it helps!


Mama Anna

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