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Ugh! Elephant Seals!

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I think they are one of the most ugly creatures on God's earth. And dd10 knows it. So now everytime I turn around I find elephant seals as the screen saver on my computer, elephant seal pictures at my place at the table, elephant seals on the mirror in the bathroom. . . :D I am so going to get her!


One day when I was out my daughter changed ALL of my screen savers (computers and iPad) to different pictures of Nicolas Cage. I still don't quite get that one :glare:

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I think you should turn the tables on her. Start putting pictures of something that she can't stand all over the place. Make sure to put one on her pillow just before bedtime! :D


I think she should turn seals into grammar lessons.


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Those of you who put pictures of elephant seals on here are PURE EVIL! :D (But I guess knowing you guys I should have known better than to admit to my weakness.)

Yeah...you're not a newb here. You shoulda known better :tongue_smilie:

One of my sons and I have that battle going. He puts pics of Marines and guns on for his background and I replace them with pics of bunny wabbits.

Why doesn't that surprise me? :lol: Ok, I'm a *bit* surprised it's wabbits instead of chicks, but still...

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I will see you an elephant seal and raise you a star-nose mole. I can't even bring myself to post a picture but, boy, that didn't keep kiddos from finding e.v.e.r.y picture ever posted of the hideous creatures:glare:


Naturally, I had to pop that into google to see it. That ain't right. All of the beautiful animals that have sadly gone extinct and THIS THING is still around?? :ack2:


I agree on the elephant seals, too. This evil picture-posting sounds exactly like the kind of thing my daughter will do when she's old enough to manage it! She's like that :)

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OK, you all should know that it's bed time for us on this side of the world, and now I'm all wigged out. I have my own problems with dugongs (I think you call them manatees) but after seeing some photos on this thread I found I can add, oh, about half a dozen other creatures to freak out over. Allow me to contribute to the joy: a Jewel spider. My son found one in a friend's backyard. There are some creatures that just might push me over the edge, one day :blink::ack2::willy_nilly:


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