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How would you handle this PTO issue?


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How would you handle this.


Back story. In Aug/Sept I ordered a gym bag from the middle school for ds. It was $10. In November we still have not received this gym bag and I called the school and got the number of the lady in the pto that handles this. I called this lady and she made a comment about this task (meaning she was responsible to fill orders for school spirit items purchased) "comsuming her life" but said she would be at the school the next day and will get ds gym bag.


January no gym bag I e-mailed pto president she said she would look into it, 4 days later I sent another e-mail asking what she found out and could I pick up the bag at the school office. No reply


Last week I called the school secretary, explained the situation and she said she would get some answers for me.


Here we are today no answers, no reply's....nothing.


On one hand it's just $10 no big deal, the school could use it. On the other hand it's MY $10 and I did not receive the item I purchased and want to demand a refund at this point.


so ladies..... help me decide let it go but next year I volunteer to fill orders so this does not happen to others, or pester someone for a refund.

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Well - it's only $10, you're right, but it speaks to how the whole PTO there is running.

If they can't handle getting a gym bag to someone and returning some phone calls, how are they managing the rest???


I would also be very concerned about fraud. A local PTO here recently had a horrible experience. Their treasurer had embezzled $20,000 over a period of three years (I think.... somewhere around that).


Bad management can mean a huge lack of oversight and responsibility within the group.....

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Expecting what you ordered and getting to the bottom of it is not going to make you the crazy mom. I would show up at the school and talk to the principal and state I know it is only $10 but it is the point behind it.


If the PTO cannot handle simple orders and phone calls then it is time for someone else to handle it.

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Ask for and expect the refund. You paid for an item that was never delivered. They owe you the refund. It doesn't matter that it only cost $10. They took your money and did not deliver. If they did it to you, they may have done it to others. They may have a lot of money that they own to people, but if no one presses them to either deliver the product or give a refund, their incompetence or lack of organization or whatever the problem is, will continue.


After you get the refund, you can decide if you want to get involved in the ordering and delivering process for next year.

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