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Honolulu - is something going on out there?

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It is probably a big tourist week, as many CA schools have February vacation next week. I'm sure the islands will be packed with families. My mom works at a school in CA, and my parents will be heading there for their first-ever visit to HI. :)


When are you looking to go? We know a few families that left yesterday--easier to extend the four day holiday to a week. I think HI is always busy though.

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Ah, there were 7 aircraft carriers come in from overseas, so..there were 7 thousand servicemen there along with their families, there were 2 conventions, a marathon and a thousand stranded Aussies there, and one competition up on the North Shore, and some big deal movie filming going on..hence no hotel rooms. Even Maui & the Big Island were packed to the hilt.


Once we got in, we went to AAA and it took the agent about four hours to find one open room for one night, (over at the Disney in Kolina) and then we stayed in town for the remaining.


I really thought we were going to be sleeping in the car.


The Disney complex was pretty amazing to say the least, they have the largest collection of contemporary Hawaiian Art in the world there.


The floor of the Aulani was incredible. The masonry work there is a pattern of the constellations above the islands. Absolutely stunning.


I learned some new photography tricks while I was goofin off out there, can't wait to develop them. It'll take me a few weeks to get it all done.

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