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Chore suggestions for little ones?

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I want to implement a chore schedule for all three kids next week. They will all still be required to keep their rooms tidy, make their beds, etc. I'm just REALLY needing to take some of the pressure off myself. I'm constantly running them everywhere....I need their help to keep up.


That being said, everything I can come up with is really only fitting for my 11yr old. I can't really think of any appropriate chores (that will also help take some of the burden off of me and aren't just frivolous) for my just turned 5yr old and my 2.5yr old. I would like them to be weekly.




Thank you :)

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By 2.5, my dd was carrying her plate out from the table after dinner. She made 3 or 4 trips to get the plate, silverware, and glass :D. At 3, she was folding undies (in half, just hers) and carrying a small stack of clothes up the stairs and putting them away in her drawers (or putting clothes on others' beds). She could scoop out dog food, too. And she could help me dust! Socks on hands are wonderful and quite entertaining...:D


A fiver could do the same chores, as well as emptying the silverware from the dishwasher (maybe not sharp knives, if it wigs you out)--it's a great sorting/math activity! Fives can fold towels, stand on a stool and spray a sink in the bathroom and then wipe it out, and put the bags in trash cans (mine followed her brother around as he emptied the bathroom/bedroom trashes). They can scoop a litter box, set the table (just put out stuff on the counter if they can't reach the plates/cups in the cupboards), and dustbust under the cushions on the couch! Don't underestimate the value of making them run the stairs for you as you declutter or put laundry away. I make kids collect the shoes around the house once a week or so, too.


Handy little helpers, those tots!

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My 5 yo does several of the above mentioned chores, including folding simple laundry, putting silverware away from the dishwasher (even knives) & emptying trash cans. He also restocks TP in all of our bathrooms and dusts our railing with a duster. When I'm cleaning the floor, he'll move all the chairs & stools out of the way for me & then put them back. He also helps me dust the other rooms (anything involving a spray bottle with water counts as a "fun chore").


I would suggest that, instead of trying to sit down & make a list of chores at one time, you keep an ongoing list, so that as you go to do a chore, if you think that they might be capable of handling it, let them try & then add it to the list.

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I have an 8 yo, a newly 5 yo, and an almost 2 yo. Here are the things I can think of that the 5 yo can do

fold cloth napkins

set the table (8 yo does silverware and she does napkins or vice versa)

help unload the dishwasher (we have a cabinet full of kid items like small glasses and a few plates. She also does the silverware)

carries wash to her room and hangs some of it, puts some things in drawers (needs some help hanging but can handle hanging a few things while I do the rest)

dustbuster under peninsula in kitchen and under table (spots where crumbs collect)

get mail

empty trash

tidy room (make bed, etc.)

she helps take her sheets off her bed on days I need to wash them. Sometimes the 8 yo helps her

wipe windows, mirrors, bathroom vanities (will need going over but she does it)

sweep porch with small broom


almost 2 yo:

starting to sort silverware (my other kids were definitely doing this by 2.5-3).

help carry wash to put away (he insists LOL)

"mops" with swiffer (one section removed) and a crocheted cover for it

starting to use dustpan and brush

I think I'm going to buy him a non electric vacuum to sweep the kitchen with since he likes trying to use our vacuum

helps transfer wet wash to the dryer

helps DH feed the dog

scrub carrots, potatoes, etc. with small scrub brush


Montessori catalogs are good for inspiration.

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My dd's (6 and just turned 4) do the following:


Make their own beds

Put their (folded by mom) laundry away

Put dirty laundry into the hamper

Put the laundry into the washer and switch it to the dryer. They can also start the washer with supervision from me.

Make themselves breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Entertain the toddler for ten minutes while I work with the other one on school, chop veggies for dinner, or whatever. I set a timer, and they play with her in a room.


Vacuum the kitchen with the small vacuum

Mop with the steam mop (I set it up and plug it in, but they are pretty good at actually doing it) they do the kitchen and bathrooms

Wipe down bathroom counters

Wipe down the fridge, dishwasher, and oven door

Wipe the walls with a magic eraser

Take the dog on a walk around the block (they have to both go)

Wipe down the bathtub (I spray a mild natural cleaner in there after they bathe, and they wipe it down)

Wipe the sliding glass door

Strip their bedding and get it in the washer

Clean the kitchen cabinets

Organize the Tupperware/sippy cup drawer

Put clean dishes away from the dishwasher

Wipe down the table after eating

Take their plates to the trash, scrape them off, and place them in the sink

Take the trash to the big can in the garage

Roll the empty trash cans back up to the garage after trash day

Feed/water the pets (we have a dog and a cat)

Clean all door handles and light switch plates (especially good to do now that it's cold/flu season, you'd be surprised how yucky they get with everyone touching them?!!!)

Clean baseboards

Clean bathroom mirrors

Dust bookshelves

Make mom and dads bed

Make coffee (we have a Keurig, so it's easy, but we've taught them how much cream and sugar to put in too... We consider this a vital life skill lol)


And yes, I make them do all this. Not everyday, but it all gets done throughout the week, and I rotate chores between them. I'm a mean mommy.;)

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Thanks for all the ideas!!


Some of these things are things my littles already do (put their toys away, feed the dog, carry their dishes to the kitchen after meals, etc...), but if nothing else, I at least feel like I have some inspiration for things that might be useful in our home.

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I like GentleMommy's list. Since my kids can't be out of sight, walking the dog around the block isn't a choice (actually, even if they could be out of sight, it wouldn't be a choice in our case). And I'm pretty sure none of mine can put the trash into the big trash bin or bring the trash bins back to the house! My hubby finds coffee making a necessity also. At 5, they learn to use the regular coffee maker. We do have a keurig though also.

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Yeah, I have to clarify that our neighborhood is SUPER safe, and I can see or hear them almost the whole walk. Few of our neighbors have fences, so I can see them from the back sliding glass door. In our old neighborhood this would NOT have happened. ;) In that house, it was their responsibility to notice when the dog was sitting by the door and let her out into the yard, and then let her back in the house.

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