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Classical Conversations + other curriculum??


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I am contemplating joining a new cc community in our area. Cycle 1 lines up with our study of ancients, so this is all good.


We have settled on using HOD for next year LHFHG & CTC, and I was already planning to do some/most of the CC memory work on our own at home. Now this opportunity to join a community in our neighborhood is available.


Am I just asking for trouble trying to run 2 HOD guides along with weekly CC gatherings? Is it possible to successfully combine CC with another curriculum?

It would be our first year for both HOD & CC.


All thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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:001_smile: I don't see you having any problem with only 2 children? And especially since they are young, it is up to you as to how you use the day you go to CC.

If it is half a day you still might want to take it easy in the afternoon. It just depends on how you want to work your schedule. 4 or 5 day... and how much you want to join for your social needs ( which is a big reason many do).

Just my 2 cents.

Enjoy the Journey!

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We love our CC group and feel truly blessed by it. It helps get the children excited to work on the memorization the rest of the week. Since CC is 1/2 day at those ages, you would have time to do a light day in the afternoon. Also, CC is only 24 weeks so you still have those extra weeks within your own school year to have full five days.

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