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10 Days to Asia players- ? about the three discard piles

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Do we put our (unwanted) card on any of the 3 discard piles?


Then, let's say the Russia card was on top of the pile but my son put his (discard) China card on top of the Russia card, can I still pick up the Russia card or is it off limits?


Oh! Do the transportation (discard) cards have its own pile? or can it go on any of the 3 discard piles.


Does that make sense? :confused::lol:


Thanks for your help.

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We are big 10 days ... players. The discard piles are random. you can put your discard wherever you want to, any of the piles. Once a card is covered up on the discard pile it is no longer available. The transport cards go in any discard pile, mixed with all the other cards.

Happy playing!

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