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Abbreviations not found in the abbreviation thread


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I have searched the Abbreviation sticky and the forums and cannot find what the following abbreviations stand for...can anyone help me out?













The only ones I know (besides TOPS) are TT - teaching textbooks (math) and MCT - Michael Clay Thompson (language arts)

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I don't know if ACS is American Chemical Society? I think they're the group that has a free Chemistry curriculum pdf. Context is helpful when asking about some of the abbreviations.


I found a recent thread about ACS, and it was definitely American Chemical Society -- the person was asking how people did using the ACS curriculum, etc. etc. They have middle school and also elementary school (I'm using the latter now in co-op, and it's fantastic).


Wouldn't TOPS be TOPS science? Which is Task Oriented Physical Science -- you can buy it at Rainbow resources. I think. Or maybe I just tend to assume everything is about science.


ETA: Okay, when I look at the thread you linked, these are science abbreviations.

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