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February Blahs

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Someone remind me when plotting school weeks for next year to just omit every week in February from our school calendar. I didn't think this was going to happen to me and yet here we are. I think it is harder to get motivated right now than it was during the busy holiday season.


When does this mood usually perk up?

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We've had a week off this week because it's 'half-term' holiday for our local schools (DS12 goes to school, so we take time off when he's around - although he's away ski-ing this week anyway). I really, really needed the break.


DS7 and DS4 have done a bit of reading each morning, and DS10 finished off some science on Monday morning, but other than that they've played, and spent rather more time playing on the Wii than they should :tongue_smilie:.


I've spent most of the week doing some thorough tidying, cleaning and organising; it's a bit soul destroying, but just now, with most of it done, it feels quite delicious. I'm almost looking forward to school again next week in my newly clean, tidy, organised house. Sadly, it'll be as bad as ever in another or week or two :sad:. But at least by then it'll be March and almost Easter :001_smile:.


It will get better ...


Best wishes



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What a novel idea...just taking off February!!



We're planning on schooling year round so I can see taking off at least a couple weeks in Feb. :tongue_smilie:


I think I am so tired because it is like a race from Halloween to New Year's Eve and then two of my children have birthdays in January. Planning to include things for Advent in addition to school, preparing for Christmas with baking, gifting wrapping, trimming and then hitting January ready to plan a birthday party. Now I am knee deep in getting ready for Lent. I'm also crazy beginning to think about next school year.


I just want to go to bed and sleep for a week! My daughter has spent the afternoon in bed listening to The Borrowers Afield on audio while doing some "art". It could be worse I guess.

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