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Handwriting question


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My dd (4.5) LOVES to write, so she does quite well for her age. Most of what we have done so far is that I let her dictate words, stories, or letters (to grandmas, cousins, or friends) and I type them up in StartWrite for her to copy.


I recently ordered a bunch of kindergarten stuff from Rainbow Resource and I was going to get a couple GD workbooks but I forgot and now I don't want to pay separate shipping for them. :thumbdown: I guess I'm wondering if it's okay to just keep doing what we've been doing (I also plan to add in some simple sentences from OPGTR to reinforce what we're reading.) I've noticed in people's siggies that a lot of people use these handwriting books through all the levels. What would my dd be missing out on if I skipped all the workbooks and just did copywork? I don't want to spend he money if it isn't necessary, but I don't want to short change her either.

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