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Discovering Great Artists

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We have NEVER had success with "art lessons" at my house. OK, this year we had SOME success with the Calvert art lessons, but mostly because almost every single one was just drawing.


We've tried Artpacs but my kids think they are about as interesting as toilet cleaning.


I bought and gave away Evan Moor's art with Children book, because it just didn't inspire me, AND required a lot of unusual materials.


We tried drawing lessons but all the other good little children sat still and drew for 2 hours straight quietly while my daughter....did not.


I am type A, my son is type A, my dd is Social, artistic, crafty. BUT WE ALL LOVE HISTORY and I don't mind a little mess if we are really having fun.


SO...should I try "Discovering GReat artists?" Since it involves history, I think it will inspire me.

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We have this book and enjoy it. There's just a paragraph or two about each artist and then a project or two to encourage you to explore some of the artist's methods. We usually study one artist for six weeks, looking at one painting each week. Sometime during that six weeks, we do the project recommended in the book. We are on Seurat now, and the kids are really looking forward to painting with Q-tips to make dots!

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