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I see that WWTB teaches most areas of writing: descriptive, book reviews (i.e.critiques), expository and persuasive, in addition to others.


However, does it teach how to write a book report? Would you say that with the skills learned in Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 that your child has the skills to write a report without it being directly taught?


Also, what about research papers?




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Thank you!


So would you say that the research paper is the only form of writing that it doesn't cover?


What resource would you recommend for learning the research paper?


I was looking at Jump-In for all of these but I really don't like the style of presetnation of these skills, even though I know it's considered to be thorough.

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I use volume one and two after intermediate language lessons without a problem.


I have been using this order and so far I am satisfied with the results. The feedback from other instructors and ACT for the oldest 2 has been great and I have no reason to expect differently for the 3rd coming up.


Intermediate language lessons (4th - 6th)

Write with the best V 1 and 2 (7th)

Duke TIP Once and Future King study (8th)

LLfrom LotR (9th)

Hewitt Speech and Advanced Communication Series w/wttw (10th/11th)


I combine those with Kolbe literature and history reading, plus a few other reading materials that having writing assignments.


I don't think my kids are genius writers, but they are adaquate to good pending their interests in the topic and time put into the assignment.


YMMV. I don't claim to be an expert, just an interested party.;)

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Thank you so much. I, too plan on LL from LotR. My son (11) has already read them, so it will be nice to dig in deeper and my dd (10) will have by then.


SO mine would look like:

ILL - 4-6th

Meaningful Composition 4, first semester (maybe second)

WwtB and OMT - 7th

LL from LotR and OMT - 8th


After that, I'm not sure. I'm mostly CM in philosophy, using much of AO suggestions for books as well as other great books lists; I use oral/written narrations.


I'm looking at different resources for the upper "grades":


Excellence in Lit.; Lightening Lit.; Figuratively Speaking; Teaching the Classics so I can just use any books I want without any need for a "curriculum (my preference-but I want them as independent as possible by HS); and something to teach the research paper.


Two final questions, is WwtB pretty thorough in it's poetry instruction or should I look at something like Poetry Primer and The Grammar of Poetry; and does it instruct regarding essays, so that they wouldn't need any other instruction in that area before moving into HS?


Much appreciated,


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Happy medium on the poetry here.

Not as much as I'd give, more than my sons want.

It covers the very basics.

If you want a formal study of poetry, we do that in literature, not writing.


The essay instruction is solid. Breaks it down into itty edible bits to keep the student from going all deer in the headlights before they start and the checklist is good for the editing process.


It isn't grammar heavy, which can be good or bad pending your philosophy and student aptitude. I prefer to cover grammar as we edit.

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