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If you have a Kitchenaid Professional 600

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Have you had any problems with it flipping your breakers? (At least, I think "flipping your breakers" is what it is called - or is it "throwing the switch"??)


Anyway... I am probably going to need a new & bigger mixer soon - my current Kitchenaid is the 325 watt one - but dh is concerned about the power that it uses - if our system (or whatever it is called!) will support it.



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Mine has never flipped the breaker and I only have 70 amp service with a lot of inventive wiring (how built in the 30s, electrical updated to 70amp inthe 70s by a DIYer that didn't really know what they were doing). However if I used the outlet on the other side of the stove at the same time as the micrwave it would flip it. Generally speaking though absolutely no trouble the the electrical needs of the mixer.

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