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Organizing question

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My system:

Step One: Pot of flavored coffee and turn ringer off on telephone.


Step 2: Start with a blank planner and the table of contents for any texts (or equivalent pacing guide, topical listing, book list...).


Step 3: Mark the holidays and breaks I know we want or need to take.

Estimate time needed for each activity. Where I am uncertain I flip to the middle of the material do the assignment myself and add fifteen minutes or so.


With it all spread out on my desk, I am able to see a flow develop that matches our other weekly/daily obligations (outside classes, appointments...).

The first year I gave my daughter one subject area for her to plan out her progress weekly.


It usually takes a weekend to get the initial plan in place and then about three weeks into the year, I take a weekend a see how it is going as compared with the plan/adjust.


The first year was the hardest. Once we had some experience under our belts it became easier to predict/plan.

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I guess my dc didn't need to do all that much work that I needed to think about it in detail. Most of the time, if it looked like a workbook or textbook of some kind, I just had them do the next thing; otherwise, it was a Camp Fire badge, or a field trip, or a library trip, and we...just did it. Camp Fire badges I planned ahead, but that was only a matter of looking through the dc's book and the leader book and figuring out what they needed to do.


Now, *I* did some reading and thinking and sorting things out in my head, but that was what *I* did, not what the dc had to do. :)

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