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Vintage ebooks - ereader or laptop?


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I finally figured out how to convert the WTM board recs vintage books from Google books to my Kindle. But, the illustrations aren't always included and they are often difficult to use without page numbers or pages facing eachother. For example, McGuffey's Primer.


So, I'm saving several internet links for most readers with illustrations to my laptop instead. How do you save these etexts and readers?

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I have a Kindle and put a few on it in PDF form, but they weren't my favorite. Many would be difficult to format well if I were to convert them, too. My plan is to get in iPod for things like that (among other reasons). So, neither. :)


Oh, and I save them in PDF format.

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Does anyone use their Kindle for these vintage thread texts?




McGuffey Readers



They are so much easier to read on my laptop from Internet Archive.


The pages "face" eachother, so you can refer to the picture on the facing page etc. The format when they get on my Kindle is off, gobbly gook fonts occasionally. I have tried to convert the texts to mobi files with Calibre and just upload the pdf. It doesn't look better either way.

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