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Did any of you ask the neuropsych about VT?

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Do neuropsychs discuss potential eye problems as well? I know they will talk about SPD, and other co-morbid issues. I'm wondering if this should go on my neuropsych questions list or not. We have previously had bad experiences with VT, so I would like an expert opinion from outside the field.

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I asked about it and she didn't think it helped at all. She was thorough and professional in every other way and, IMO, was spot on with her diagnosis if my son. However, I realize it is her opinion. Just sharing my experience and look forward to hearing what others' neuropsychologists said. I would definitely ask about it!

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Because of my dtr's dyspraxia and lack of progress with reading after LiPs and some O-G, our neuropsych said to give it a try. Fortunately it helped to get my dtr's eyes tracking and converging. After VT, she took off with her reading but still needs O-G. She has working memory issues as well.


When interviewing a number of neuropsychs, just the mention of VT sent some of them reeling:).

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