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Found a phonics reading/spelling program-have you seen this?

Lara in Colo

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I found this today looking for phonics spelling rules. I was wondering of anyone else has an opinion.




read the section on dyslexia--very informative about learning styles.




Look around the website she has several samples and there are links to amazon sample pages.




I looked at the samples on Amazon and I have to say that I am impressed.

I was thinking about buying AAS, but it is pricey and I have been dragging my feet for some reason. You don't really need to purchase the TM (they give you most of the info for free on the website.


I currently have:


a 6yo great learner- flying through reading lessons

an 8yo slow reader dyslexic?

a 10yo BAD speller

an 11yo decent at everything but spelling is becoming challenging and is starting to need rules for understanding spelling.


I thought AAS would take care of this, but it looks really teacher intensive and I have enough work to do without adding more. Plus I don't want the olders to be too bored in the beginning.


Any opinions?



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Well, frankly, the description of the product is poorly written, such that I have to wonder how good the product can possibly be. She uses the wrong word (principal instead of principle), and whoever uses the word "phonic"? What is that??


Besides which I disagree with the whole "methodology." I kept thinking, "Seriously?"


My recommendation for your dc would be Spalding.

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Hmmmm, well, I disagree with her opinions on dyslexia. I believe that it is genetic and a brain-based condition. I don't believe it can be acquired, nor cured.

I agree that real dyslexia is a brain-based, genetic condition. But, I wholeheartedly believe that most dyslexia can be acquired and cured. www.donpotter.net has a ton of information on this.


I agree with previous answers that this product sounds suspect. I would also look into Orton/Spalding type programs.

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