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Do you put a dry rub on the fatty side of a roast?


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I am making pulled pork for dinner. The recipe has a dry rub applied to the roast before cooking. I bought a pork loin, and put the rub all over because it was the easiet way to do it. Then I was wondering if it was a waste on the side that will get taken off anyways? Or do you cut off the fat first so you are only doing the rub on the side you will eat?


This is the recipe I am using.....I haven't tried it, so I can't attest to it.

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I don't cut any fat off a pork shoulder when I am making pulled pork. We smoke ours and then finish it in the oven. All the fat completely melts into the meat so any rub what was on the fat goes with it to coat the meat.


So the way that I cook it the rub is not wasted on the fat.

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