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Stratton House Home Science Adventures

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Thanks Moe,


I am considering using the Microscope study only. We have never used or studyied this before and I thought since we are finishing up Abeka 6 science we could do something different for the next couple of months. I saw an Usborne book in the Rainbow catalog on Microscopes and thought that might make it more interesting. We would also be using books from the library regarding whatever topic we are "scoping". Thanks again for your reply:)

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We used it in second grade. One of the first lessons is looking at a 5 dollar bill.

We looked at some crystals we made (and I blogged about it here, along with some family angst...), and just had a ball, in general. The microscope is really just a glorified magnifying glass. I liked it because dd could take it outside in her nature bag and look at things by herself.

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Thanks for your reply Chris. I am also looking at a microscope and biology kit that I found in Rainbow catalog for around $100.00 that includes a experiment manual and microscope. It is pricier than the Stratton House kit but the microscope seems a better quality. It recommends for 7th grade and up so the experiments are probably higher level. Anyway, still not sure - I am still in the "search" mode:)

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