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s/o fish oil - vitamins??


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I take fish oil and vitamin D3 daily, and encourage my adult children to take vitamin D3, and to see that their kids are getting vitamin D3.


There's a study out there that links fish oil supplementation to reading that I discuss in Fish Oil and Dyslexia, but the main reason I take it is for general health.


I also take the vitamin D3 for general health reasons, and there isn't really much relating a vitamin D3 deficiency to dyslexia in the research that I'm aware of, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that Dr. John Cannell's theory relating the current autism epidemic to an ongoing vitamin D3 deficiency in our population turns out to be correct. And because I tend to view dyslexia as a developmental disorder, as autism is, I would also not be surprised to find that the incidence of dyslexia diminishes as people (and especially their doctors) become more concerned about maintaining vitamin D3 levels in the future.


Personally, I have to take about 5,000 IU of vit D3 per day in the winter, and nearly that much in the summer, to keep my D3 level in the 60-80 ng/ml range, which is where I want it. And there is hope on the doctor front, as more and more pediatricians realize the problem and supplement newborns with D3. My granddaughter, recently born, has been getting 1,000 IU per day, which I think is quite a lot frankly, but at the advice of her pediatrician. And my daughter was in no way vitamin D3 deficient going into childbirth. In fact, her level is high enough that my granddaughter is probably getting D3 in breast milk as well.


But I'm not really worried about dyslexia in that family, as there's no history of reading struggles. If there were, I'd be very insistent on supplementation to ensure against a vitamin D3 deficiency, because I'm convinced Dr. Cannell is onto something with his theory of autism. (I'm not saying all cases of autism are vitamin D3 related, by the way...just that it's possible that a reasonably high percentage of them might be.)


Rod Everson


OnTrack Reading - Vitamin D and Autism


Letter from a parent of an autistic child to Dr. Cannell and his response

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We take:


- Vitamin D (in the form of D3)

- Wild Salmon Fish Oil (for Omega-3)

- Multivitamin (this has vitamin D3 in it also)


I also take a vitamin B complex for stress


The boys take:


- Fish Oil (a local brand 4:1 DHA/ EPA)

- Multivitamin

- Probiotics (I occasionally chew one of these myself)

- Vitamin D.


The boys' multi also has vitamin D3 and my boys drink milk, especially Adrian, so while I do give them added Vitamin D, I do not give it every day). I have read some articles about taking too much vitamin D so I am cautious with that.

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