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Summer Bucket List for Teens

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DS has Drama Camp and Shakespeare Camp. He is also wanting to go to Challenge Extreme (and maybe TP Judicial) and has plans to wore more than the 1 day a week he is now.

We'll be working on the house (trim and doors), and we'll be gardening/ doing bldg projects.

(Geez Louise, just writing that---it's going to blow by!).


It's not like it won't be busy. But, I'd like to add in some just for fun stuff for him to plan on or pick and choose from.


Ideas, please!

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How about...

*pursuing his passion in-depth if he hasn't had time to do so during the school year

*trying something entirely new (like rock wall climbing, photography, fencing, cooking, etc.)

*entering contests (depending on what he's good at and/or likes to do) such as art, writing, etc.

*starting a small business just for the summer (lawn care/landscaping?)...not exactly FUN, but a nice way to build responsibility & grow the bank account

*entering a 5k race

*planning some family day trips (choose the destination, map the route, figure the costs, set a budget, etc.)

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