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Adventures in America State Flag Stickers


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The notebooking worksheets ask for these but does not provide them. They provide a semi small space for these to be placed.


Does anyone use this? What are you doing for this part of the study? I can not seem to find some stickers. If your doing this can you point me to a resource?



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I know my kids would devour the state part as well. I am trying to get my ducks in a row to begin this and I was not having much luck!


Thanks so much, you just made two happy kidlets I am sure.


Are you enjoying AA? We will start it in about a week. I am looking at some of the readers and suppliments to beef it up.

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I'll be starting this soon with my dd. All but one of the suggested books to read I'll get from the library (one book I had to order). I also ordered these things to go along with it:

StickerUSA Sticker Set. I didn't order the book/cd that goes with the stickers. I'll just use these stickers on the pages from AA. There are stickers for flags, birds, flowers, abbreviations, state names, etc.

Word Search USA.

United States Maze Craze.

Amazing 50 States Maze Book.

Brainbox the USA.

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