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My boys bought me a gift for Valentine's Day *sniff*

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The whole story is here, but I'll sum it up here so you don't have to go to my blog unless you want to.


My boys each get a small allowance based on age. Last year they were saving their money for Kindles, but we surprised them each with a Fire for Christmas. They approached dh after Christmas and told them they wanted to buy me one. They were willing to give all they had, but dh worked out a formula and chipped in the rest (I would feel forever guilty if they spent all of their money on a gift for me), and they surprised me with a Fire last night (all 5 boys kept this a secret for a couple of weeks somehow). It's not like I need gifts to know that they love me, but knowing that they thought of this on their own and sacrificed to surprise me with something they knew I wanted, well, let's just say I tear up every time I look at it :001_wub:.

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We can talk :D.




Hey now. I have two girls. Are you selling options on the boys, because I'll like to reserve a couple of them.


And that was terribly sweet. How on earth did they keep it a secret?


Hey now! She has 5 boys. We have 4 girls between the two of us. We can work something out. ;)

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Hey now. I have two girls also. She's not the only one with girls.


And that was terribly sweet. How on earth did they keep it a secret?




I have no idea. I didn't think ds8 had ever kept a thought to himself :lol:.


BTW, the coffee is delicious. Thank you!

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