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Did you know Timez Attack Addition/Subtraction beta was released?


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I saw that.


Has anyone tid it out? We tied it out a few weeks ago and my kids found it annoying because we could never get out of the swamp.


My boys are interested in playing it if it explains more about the character and how he eventually ends up in the dungeon at the start of multiplication.


I had my five year old try it out too. He got frustrated that he couldn't get out of the swamp either. Then I went on to see how far I could get. I finally got out of the swamp, went to a different space ship/port area, but then got sent back to the swamp after answering more questions. I was not impressed at all, and my son has no desire to play. I didn't like how they set up the math visuals with balls that quickly shifted around. I tried the multiplication and it seems more entertaining Oh well, at least it was free. Anyone have any other suggestion for a fun online addition game?

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My dd got to level 7 today, and then it kicked her back to the beginning. It said that the other levels weren't ready yet and would be released in the deluxe edition. :glare:


Dd was really loving it, so I'm kind of bummed. It had really helped her master add/sub facts.


Off to try out Math Rider :auto:

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