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Moby Dick, unabridged version?


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I have searched Amazon - I can't seem to find a good unabridged version! We have an abridged version, and I am currently reading "Why Read Moby Dick". I've never read it, but my husband read it to my dd a while ago (our abridged version).


Also, I just found out we're going to Moby Dick the opera at the end of February (squeal) so I have even more motivation to read it now!

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This looks like a good version - it's the 150th anniversary edition. From Amazon/Library Journal:

November 14 marks the 150th anniversary of Melville's salty saga of vengeance and obsession. Now a contender for the great American novel, this book was harpooned at the time of its 1851 publication by critics ... This edition of his masterwork includes the full text along with illustrations of whales, whaling barks, and whaling instruments; maps; and a new introduction by Nathaniel Philbrick. A lot for the price.


I had a plan to finally read the thing a while back and researched which edition might be a good one and chose this one, and got it from the library. Sadly, I did not manage to get far before I had to return it - maybe I'll have time to tackle it when the kids are in college?... sigh.

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If you can find one get a hard-cover copy of Moby Dick illustrated by Barry Moser published by UC Press. It is a magnificient edition. Not only are Moser's plates wonderful, but the typography and graphical lay-out make this an achievement in the art of book-making.


Moser's King James Bible is equally good.


These are both books were a little splurge is well worth the money!!!



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