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OG vs apples and pears at the same time?

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I want to thanks everyone in this forum for all the good advise and your willness to help people.

I have a question about this 2 programs.Can I use this 2 programs at the same time?


My daughter 10 ld with a delay in all academics, but her bigger issue is handwriting. We just finished I see Sam ari2 and she did well. We are starting ari3 now, but every time she find a new word she has problem decoding it. After 3 or 4 time seeing it she can read it.

She goes to a small private school where she works with a teacher aid for 2 hours for math and reading, she is 4 years behind in everything.

I am using apples and pears , she is in level 1, and i like it a lot because she could not write or spell anything before we started A and P. I found a very good tutor trained in OG, with a real passion for teaching, that is willing to train her teacher and make the lesson plans for her so the teacher can work with my daughter everyday and and that way It will be cheaper for me. I was wondering if I do both , if that can confuse her?. I do not know too much about OG.



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The sequences are very different. I would avoid trying to teach anything new while she is doing the og tutoring. Go slow. Show it to her tutor and ask if the pages you are going to have her work on would be confusing. I think it could be done. If you start and she gets frustrated or confused, back off and try again when she is more confident.

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If this is free or low cost, why not try it and see what happens?


My DS11 just finished A&P A. This time last year he couldn't spell more than nine words and now he's spelling so many words, even he can't believe what he's capable of spelling! We are also using Dancing Bears A. The two programs go together wonderfully. My DS is almost done with the book and then we will be moving onto Book B. He's making amazing progress.

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We do with my 10yr dd (3 year academic delay). We use I See SAM readers for building fluency, Recipe for Reading for O-G, A&P A ( finishing up) to tackle spelling and sight words.


After LiPs & VT last year, we just wanted to get her up and reading to a 3rd grade level and writing at least a sentence or two. I see Sam and A&P have done that for us and the ease of use was such a balm for our very tired souls after running around for therapies.


Recipe for Reading and eventually WRTR is great for analysis work and scaffolding work. You can get back in and fill in the missing pieces, build more confidence and review. We anticipate using this program with her for a long time and supplement with the rest of the A&P books.


Just our experience.

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