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Questions about using the Miller-Levine Biology text.

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I have The "Dragonfly" Miller\Levine Biology book and intend to use it for 9th grade. I know I've seen Home Science Tools recommended for labs so I checked with them but they don't have one specifically for this text and I wasn't sure which other curriculum would be comparable. So, I found one at Quality Science Labs for a very reasonable price, but I've never purchased lab kits before so would like to get some reviews if possible about the completeness of this one.


Also, the text I have is an older version (2002) that I picked up at a library sale for $1, which is great, but I don't have any supplementary\support books to go with it. A TM would be great as would tests. Any suggestions on finding those inexpensively? I looked on amazon and the few I saw were ridiculously expensive.



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I recommend trying abebooks.com for the TM. They usually have much better prices than Amazon for text books and teacher's editions.


We also use the Dragonfly book. We use Kolbe's course plans and tests with it.


This. I've heard that the Quality labs were an excellent fit. I ended up using something else (Castle Heights, iirc) and it was OK. I would have went with Quality if I would've known.


My dd used Kolbe's schedule and tests and it was a fantastic year. She loves that book and won't let me sell it.

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What about using the new Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments with it?




Nice! And it looks like from what I skimmed in the thread that it correlates well with the Miller\Levine. What about kits though. Would the kit from QSL work well with this? Their price is much better than Home Science Tools. (I know I shouldn't skimp on quality supplies but...well you all know how it is.)

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