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Omnibus later: Tapestry now?

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:grouphug: To all who are struggling with needing help!


I admit I need help: I have had a hard past year with my health, surgery, and now a rough pregnancy with aches and pains every day... 8th child by the way...

I was going to try to use the Omnibus 2 with our oldest 2 children: dd12, ds14.


After searching for years and trying different ways of teaching all of our family the same history, at this point, I want to encourage our older children to dig deeper, and am not sure if Tapestry of Grace would be good for all of us or not.

I am boggling my own mind with how much I can actually handle and especially when I have this baby, I want to take a few weeks off, but I also want to home school year round again, because we are behind.


I want to have 1 day of CC memory work for 5 of our younger children, and still do other lessons with older kids after that. They can help as usual, and will still be learning.


I used MFW and it was ok... I tried SL and did not like it. I don't want to be overwhelmed, but TOG looks so much better than SL to me. I really like IEW and FLL too. I know there is no perfect curriculum, I just want to simplify and cleanse our house while enjoying this journey. We have used SOTW for the past 10 years and now using CHOW because of all of the reading we were doing in SL. I like the idea of TOG having a plan for all ages each year and the summary of books I have not read.


I am thinking that if we use TOG this year and it will take all summer and next year as well to complete with all of the demands I have, and then using the Omnibus 3. We liked Omnibus 1, but it was very demanding and I just felt like I wasn't able to spend the time I need to with our younger children when it is that demanding.


I am blessed to have so many choices and love the freedom I have to choose! Thanks for any feedback. I feel like we are starting from scratch right now, although we have gotten some lessons in, just not enough this year.:confused:

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We loved TOG Y2, but if you go that route be prepared that it seems to cover a lot in that year, at least for Dialetic. We ended up only getting through U1-3 and finished it up the beginning of this year (it might have been because it was our first year but compared to this year it seemed more like there was just so much to cover in Middle Ages). Looking ahead I can see where it will be easy to catch that up in Y4 so I'm not worried. I love the fact that all of us are in the same time frame and my DH can even get involved. It has made things much easier on me especially having gone through my current year plan ahead of time so all I have to do is open up and read my section for each week.


Congrats on the coming baby!

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TOG y2 is VERY full -- for newcomers and old pros alike. However, it is also extremely rich. Yes, there is always more you want to do, but one of the lovely things about TOG is that you can choose to linger or to move on.


I've never used Omnibus so I can't speak directly to using that curriculum. However, we've used TOG for nearly six years with three kids. Well, the younger two didn't really enter the cycle until 3-4 years ago. But as pp said, it is a whole family deal. We can't imagine ever dividing everyone up into age groups again to be studying their own stuff.


TOG is deep. It is as deep as you want it to be. You can choose to hit the highlights or to dig in and mine it. Depending on the levels you choose for your 12 yo and 14 yo, you have a broad array of resources and assignments you may choose. If you don't want to pick and choose, just go down the column for a given level and tell your student which subjects you want them to do and let them manage the details.


When my eldest dd did y2 as a dialectic student, she did every primary reading assignment, all of the accountability & thinking questions in the student pages, the lit worksheets, geography, writing, and fine arts. We did weekly history and lit discussions (crucial and valuable). We did not do all of the church history readings and questions. It was very doable and quite rich. I didn't feel I had to spend a lot of time planning what to do and what not to do. It was there. We did it. We loved it. My younger two did the LG stuff and loved being able to chat with big sis about what they learned.


Note: Almost noone can "do it all" at the R level. It's not designed that way nor is it feasible. But it's all there so your oldest child can go as deeply as you want him to go. I would strongly recommend using their (included) literature cutting and trimming chart to make lit more managable. But it's rich. Very rich. Again, discussions are crucial and valuable.



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We liked Omnibus 1, but it was very demanding and I just felt like I wasn't able to spend the time I need to with our younger children when it is that demanding.


I am blessed to have so many choices and love the freedom I have to choose!


Questions for you:

Did you enjoy Omnibus I?

Did the format work for you?

Would you like to continue with II but feel discourage by the amount of work you anticipate?


Well, just to add to your confusion...Omnibus II is way less work than Omnibus I.

I think the authors realized that they'd gone overboard in I. It was our favorite year of the 3 we did.


Just a data point for you.



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Thank you for all of your advice, and sharing experiences.

I will look through Tapestry 2 when it arrives tomorrow, hopefully. And, I thought by looking at Omnibus 2 that the book selections looked more enjoyable. We won't be in a co-op for at least a few years if ever again, so I want to plan our path and go with it. Omnibus 1 was overwhelming but still enjoyable. We were in a co-op with it though and all assignments were due every week, so it was just too much on top of CC and IEW classes.

I am glad to have a place to ask questions and get respectful answers and advice. I like the idea of Classical and Charlotte Mason style being the core idea for our home school.


We can use Field trips, camp, and youth events for the social aspect, and won't feel the stress the day before classes getting all work finished and binders loaded up ( we had to take meals on our week too for the entire group). I have been good about making plans for the year in the beginning, but just struggling to get the basics done and still have a baby to prepare for, pre readers, and am relying more on DVD, software supplementation right now. I was able to wing it for several years without using a teacher book for many subjects, but having more children, less energy, I want to simplify without compromising their education.



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