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(X-Post) Survey of African-American Homeschoolers

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I just heard about this survey yesterday. IMO, African-Americans, who use WTM, should definitely be included.






Are you an African American homeschool family?


Do you have any 5th to 8th graders in your family?


Would you be willing to help with a study?*




Would you like free testing?


If you can or know anyone who can answer yes to the above questions




Contact – NHERI and Dr. Ray at mail@nheri.org

* Here is more detail:


Dr. Brian D. Ray and the National Home Education Research Institute

(NHERI) have a groundbreaking study – of African American students –

under way.


They are examining the academic achievement of black students in

homeschooling and conventional (e.g., public) schooling, and various

features and views of their parents. No research like this has ever been

done on African American families.


Your child will be tested only once, this spring, for free. Parents will

answer a brief questionnaire. All the information will be held in

strictest confidence and data will be used anonymously by Dr. Ray. You

will receive your child’s test scores.


If you want any references about Dr. Brian Ray or NHERI and their work,

please contact your statewide homeschool organization, HSLDA.org,

TexasHomeEducators.com, or National Black Home Educators (NBHE.net) and ask about Dr. Ray and NHERI.


If you want to learn more about NHERI from them:


National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI)


PO Box 13939


Salem OR 97309 USA


(503) 364-1490





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