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Science - K-2nd, living books


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Hi. I have been going over the search forum and really it is just making my head spin. I don't really like science, but I have a science loving kid...


I'm looking for a science curriculum (preferably Christian) that uses living books to teach. I would rather do more lapbooks/notebooks/etc. than experiments, but experiments are fine. I do not want a textbook, encyclopedia or a LOT of planning to go over prior to the lessons.


Any ideas of what might work for me?


Also, videos/dvds or links to good DE streaming videos are good too! :)

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Here's a thread with a lot of living book suggetions.


Or you could go to homeschoolshare and pick out lapbooks on science topics that interest your kids.


Then there is this.


Or you could get a christian textbook like Bob Jones and use it as a jumping off point for topics to pick up at your library. (I know you said you didn't want a textbook, but it could make a nice framework)


And Apologia's Exploring Creation series is kind of like a "living textbook". There are some nice lapbook components for them at A Journey Through Learning http://www.ajourneythroughlearning.com/.

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We use the usbourne book of Science Activities and the InqisiKids Discover and Do DVD's. it goes hand and hand with each other, with very minimal preparation, and we got it through Sonlight. They also offer other science studies, but these two items are great for some hands on science. This year, for instance, covers water, magnets, and light & mirrors. It's very simple, and fun.

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